Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Problems with Extenze Male Supplement

Extenze manufacturers seemed to have gotten over their losing battle over charges of false advertisements and lead contents that go beyond the required limit. First, they have changed the manner by which they are promoting their male enhancement product. Whereas before, they offered promises of increasing the user’s penis by 27 percent, today they merely guarantee an increase during erections.The $300, 000 fine imposed by the District Attorney’s office of Orange County in 2006, seemed to have taught them a good lesson on how to promote their male enhancement product. Secondly, the matter of excessive lead content was met by proper labeling regarding the ingredients of the male enhancement supplement. You can now see a long list of herbal substances and the corresponding amount of the ingredients. Minerals like zinc, folic acid and the likes are included among the long list of ingredients. Even the enhancers such as peppers seeds, piper longum and ginger are likewise detailed.However, the manufacturers of this male enhancement supplement are probably in for another trouble. The problem with Extenze male enhancement supplements is not the product. In fact, most customers’ reviews about the male enhancement product have expressed an acceptable degree of satisfaction. While others would have expected their penis to enlarge in unbelievable proportions, most Extenze customers are satisfied that they are able to achieve erections whenever the occasion calls for it. The Present ProblemWhat most customers are complaining about now is the way their risk-free trial is being treated by the company. Customers are enticed to try out the free trial so they won’t have to worry about returning the male enhancement product in case they won’t be satisfied with the results. The charge required is only 97 cents to cover for the postage. In case a customer doesn’t find Extenze male enhancement agreeable with what they are looking for in a male enhancement product, all they have to do is contact the given customer service numbers and inform the company that they are not interested in buying the male enhancement product. Of course, this should be done before the one week free trial period is up, otherwise, your deposit account will be automatically charged for a 30-day supplement of the male enhancement supplement.This may seem like an easy process to do, but the problem lies when the customers are given the run around by the persons at the other end of the line. If you’re calling when your 1â€"week trial isn’t up yet, chances are you won’t be able to get hold of anybody on the company’s phone. After the trial period, you will be lucky enough to talk to somebody just to inform you that your male enhancement order was already shipped and on its way. Your bank account of course has already been charged for the shipment.You can go on trying to ask for a refund as some customers have done, remember you have already received the male enhancement shipment and it is required that you have to return them before you can claim for a refund. Some customers merely closed their deposit accounts, just to stop the charges from coming in, in the hopes that even the male enhancement supplements arriving at their doors will also stop. In fact, one of the customers involved concerned a 16- year old son who thought he was only getting a free male enhancement sample. So he thought it was only a harmless 97 cents that will affect the bank account set aside for him by his parents. You could just imagine, the parent’s anger and frustration upon learning all about this. Of course, they learned about it already too late.--http://www.extenze-reviews.orgSource:

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