Sunday, September 13, 2009

Proper Oral Care during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a big responsibility. Taking proper care of your oral health if you are pregnant is important because it could affect the unborn child inside your womb. It is advisable to inform your dentist immediately if you are pregnant so that he or she could suggest the necessary oral health care measures that you need to undertake to ensure that your pregnancy won't be affected by any dental woes that you might have or might encounter. According to Dentist Burbank, consult your dentist regularly and go on a regular oral check-up, especially during your pregnancy. Dental treatments should be avoided during the first trimester and second half of the third trimester. According to Burbank Dental, any dental procedures and medicine taken can critically affect the baby's growth and development. Your dentist can help you can maintain good oral health as well as your baby's. Your dentist can modify your scheduled dental treatments to protect not just you but also the well-being of your baby.Recent studies on severe gum problems affecting pregnant women have been done to understand the role of oral health during pregnancy. According to Dentists Burbank, oral health problems usually lead to a high risk of premature birth. If a pregnant woman has dental problems, both the unborn child and the mother could face serious health problems. A Glendale Dentist expert said that pregnant women who have mouth infection usually have kids who are born prematurely. Thus, the kids have low birth weight. There is also a possibility that the mother could develop gestational diabetes during the first trimester. Because of hormonal changes, pregnant women could also suffer from gum swelling, gum sore and gum bleeding. These could lead to teeth loss during pregnancy. They may also develop "pregnancy tumor" (a painless bump on the gums) in their gums, making the gums look either pink, red or purple in color. Even eating foods that are sweet can cause dental problems for pregnant women because it can produce tooth decay and cavitiesHollywood Dental specialists said that pregnant women and those planning to conceive should take care of their oral health. Pregnant women should maintain the health of their gums and clean their teeth regularly. Cleaning your teeth would definitely prevent any form of oral health problems to take place. Pregnant women should also have good nutrition so that their baby can develop strong teeth at a very early stage. Having a proper diet that includes calcium and other vitamins would make your teeth and gums healthy and strong. It is also good for the health of your baby. Always consult your dentist about any oral health problems that you experience during the course of your pregnancy. It is not just your health that's affected but you child's as well.--Zyra Robinson is Affiliated with Dentist Burbank. Visit their site for inquiries and additional information regarding their dental services.Source:

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