Thursday, September 10, 2009

Proven Balding Remedies

Hair loss products are becoming more popular as many people seek treatment for hair loss. The market is flooded with plenty of hair loss products. Many of us wish to use over-the-counter products, but it is not advisable to employ the products without consulting your healthcare professional.The cause of this is that some products have complications or cause irrevocable harm. Medicines like Propecia, which are used as hair loss cures, may cause fetal enigmas if used by pregnant ladies. Therefore it is recommended that you keep away from Propecia if you are pregnant (propecia is not advised for women at all!) Not only in females, but also in men, Propecia causes complications. In men, Propecia may cause lack of sex drive and impotency as serious complications. Rogaine is one of the most popular hair loss products being used. This drug is also used for treating high blood pressure. To get good results, it is always advisable to use either Propecia or Rogaine for a minimum of three months. Since these balding cures have each of their own complications, please consult or get an opinion from your healthcare professional about your health before taking the medicine. The most usually used hair loss cures are Viviiscal, Nisiim, Tricomin, and Revivogen. Viviscal treats balding by avoiding thinning of hair. It is available in forms of tablets and lotion. Tricomin pours the nutrient copper immediately to the follicle to kindle the growth of healthy hair. The main action of the Revivogen is obstructing the DHT in the scalp and bolstering hair follicles. Hair Genesis is also recommended, a product that contains natural DHT blocker, saw palmetto.Hair Genesis and Hair Renew are strongly advised for women. Hair Renew is available in topical form, which nourishes the hair follicles and cleans the scalp aside from neutralizing DHT. This product is unique as it is non-alcoholic, 100% drug free, and free from complications. Other hair loss cures are natural cures like Ayurvedha and Siddha, and have been used at length to lose alopecia. Food containing plenty of amino acids and proteins also needs to be included in diet habits of balding people as a natural cure. Folligen Hair Loss Treatment with copper peptides is also one out of the numerous hair loss cures. The hair energizer kit which is employed as a hair loss cure is widely available as 15 ml Jojoba oil, shampoo, fifteen ml Jojoba oil, spray, and nil tablets minerals and vitamins.--Are you sick of trying out numerous hair loss remedies that have no effect? Do you want balding remedies that are proven to work? Find out how to cure your hair loss with these proven balding remedies here! For a limited time only, lucky visitors to the website will get a free report worth $27! Get your free "Stop Hair Loss Now" report at !Source:

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