Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten Bad Habits Make You Ten Years Older

Time passes quietly, unconsciously, wrinkles crept to your face, this is distressing. Even the merciless years, but please think carefully what usual bad habits you have so that they give chances to wrinkles? In fact, the best way to fight aging is the prevention of aging. Life must adopt good hygiene practices, avoid the following bad habits.1. Worrying about troubles we imagined Bad mood will make skin cells lack nutrition, dry face skin, wrinkles appear, as well as to deepen the face of "depression profile." Wear a smile, less a decade. Emotional stability is very important to the endocrine balance, woman with a moderate tolerance heart is a very beautiful, but in fact it is not just a psychological impression.2. Stay up all night Stay up all night is the enemy of skin care, lack of sleep, skin cells will regulate the activities of the various disorders, affecting the vitality of epidermal cells. So every day at least 8 hours sleep, if below that, you have to re-estimate your health index. Sleep will affect directly to the skin, especially the delicate skin of the eye. And a sweet sleep, can eliminate skin fatigue, so that keep the regulation of skin cells in normal, slow down the aging of the skin.3. Often bask in the sun Excessive absorption of ultraviolet has many disadvantages, give you dark skin, could lead to severe skin cancer, and it is certainly premature reason of aging. Because direct sunlight will directly damage the skin-depth elastic fiber and collagen, resulting in relaxation of facial skin become dull, wrinkles appear. Therefore, you should develop a sunscreen habit.4. Smoke and wine Nicotine have contract effect on skin blood vessels, so wrinkled skin of smokers will come 10 years earlier than non-smokers, if you are a smoker, age seems to be aging more than 10 years of age. And alcohol will reduce the number of skin oils to the skin dehydration, indirectly affect the normal function of the skin. 5. Facial expressions are too rich Frequent squinting, frowning, laughing, twitch one's mouth, the movements and facial expressions will enable an increase in wrinkles, so, it is best to minimize excessive movements and facial expressions. 6. Do not drink enough water Water is the source of life. Drink enough water is the key way for skin care. If water intake insufficient can lead to inadequate secretion of oils and fats, the skin can easily dehydrated, so have to force yourself to drink daily 6-8 cups of water, but do not drink caffeine-rich drinks.7. Do not like sports This can be bad. Appropriate amount of exercise can accelerate the blood circulation, so that an appropriate body relaxation activities, can enhance the lubrication of skin, body skin can also make a large number of sweat opportunity for a healthy balance to the skin and greatly reduce the chance of skin aging. Therefore, you should have appropriate training. 8. Not complete make-up remover This is the most common mistakes. Only face cream is not able to clean the skin. You should regularly do the deep work of cleansing in order to avoid dirt plug the pores that we can not see, this will affect the normal breathing of skin. 9. Inappropriate use of skin-care products Do you really understand your skin? Only when we truly understand your own skin in order to make the right choice. You can do skin test to find out more. 10. Eating pungent food, stay away from vitamin Irritating foods, such as spicy, deep fried, like a time bomb for the skin, fried goods, hot food should be appropriately reduced, it will contribute to the endocrine balance of the skin, reduce acne and oily skin problems. And vitamins in fruits and vegetables is beneficial to the skin, Moreover, delicious fruits and vegetables make us feel good, and can be made natural facial mask, good effect, but also a great matter of life.--Vennis would like to share fashion news and reviews with you. You can click these site Cartier Watches, Omega Watches for more discount & cheap designer handbags, watches, belts, wallets and so on.Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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