Monday, September 7, 2009

Where To Start For Stop Smoking Help

Do you want to stop smoking? Help may be the a key word to your success. No matter how long you have been smoking, what your smoking habits are, or what your internal fortitude is, smoking is by far one of the most difficult habits to break. Do not feel that you are weaker than the guy who quit cold turkey and never picked up a cigarette again in his life if you need a little boost.Before you even attempt to stop smoking, help yourself by evaluating why it is that you want to stop smoking and whether or not it is a task that you are serious about undertaking. Until you are ready to quit for your own reasons, any effort you make will have less and less chance of success.For almost everyone who wants to stop smoking, help in its various forms make the process more bearable. There are many different ways that you could approach the desire to quit. Consider them carefully and think of a few ideas that might be right for you.THE PATCHThe nicotine patch is excellent for people who have a stronger addiction to the nicotine, but it does little to satisfy the physical act of smoking. NICOTINE GUMNicotine gum is a great way to satisfy the nicotine addiction. It also has the added benefit of giving you a different form of oral occupation.HYPNOTISMWhen you consider that a hypnotism session typically costs less than a couple cartons of cigarettes, it can easily be considered a worthy investment. Hypnotism actually works to retrain your mind to stop desiring cigarettes. WEANINGYou may decide to simply wean yourself off of so many cigarettes until you have cut back so much that quitting will only mean giving up one or two cigarettes per day. Because it is easy to cheat on yourself using this method to stop smoking, help in the form of an accountability partner may be called for.SELF CONFESSIONIn this method, you retrain your mind by continually telling yourself that you are not a smoker. Some phrases that may be repeated, even as you are lighting up a cigarette are:* Cigarette smoking is disgusting.* The taste of cigarettes is nauseating.* I am a non-smoker.* Cigarette smoke makes people's hair and clothes smell gross.* I hate seeing people smoke.* The smoking stains left on smokers' teeth are unsightly.This method might seem a bit weird, but used with consistency, you will find that your desire to smoke will begin to vanish. It may seem bold, but as you are using this method, tell other people that you do not smoke and that you are a non-smoker. Do not state it as a future condition because that will have no effect on your mind. Also be careful to make all anti-smoking confessions in the positive rather than negative. For example, do not say "I do not smoke." Say, "I am a non-smoker." Do not say, "I do not like the smell of cigarette smoke." Say, "Cigarette smoke repulses me." To get true stop smoking help, start by helping yourself by writing a list of at least 21 reasons why you want to become a non-smoker. Post them on your fridge, at your desk, on your bathroom mirror, and anywhere else that you will be forced to look at them regularly. Then start counting the days until you are finally smoke free!--For more insights and additional information on where to find Stop Smoking Help as well as finding many resources to help you succeed in your stop smoking program, please visit our web site at http://www.stop-smoking-techniques.comSource:

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