Thursday, October 15, 2009

Advice on using natural remedies for heartburn

According to medical data collected, almost 20% of people are afflicted with heartburn at least once a week. Since the condition is quite widespread and frequent, it is no wonder that most of the afflicted look for alternative or natural remedies for heartburn. The frequency of such cases warrants that one does not use pharmaceutical medications for a longer period since they can have some undesirable side effects.With the frequency increasing, a heartburn may manifest itself into a disease called the GERD (Gastro-esophageal reflux disease). It is also known as the acid reflux disease. The symptoms of this disease include heartburn, chest pain while lying down, sour taste in the mouth and wheezing. While heartburn does not necessarily translate itself into GERD, a thorough diagnosis is required to ascertain before opting for natural remedies for heartburn.As a precautionary measure, if one is assured that the condition is just heartburn, it is necessary to keep a detailed diary about the dietary schedules to ascertain what has caused the heartburn. The habits may be individualistic but it can help a physician to ascertain the condition before prescribing any medications. If the physician is of the opinion that the condition is normal heartburn, natural remedies for heartburn can come into the picture and aid the cure.If the detailed diary has entries that relate to black pepper, chocolate, alcohol, carbonated drinks, citrus juices or fruits, coffee, garlic, fatty foods, raw onions, spicy food and tomatoes the most probable cause for the heartburn is food and there will be no need to worry and natural remedies for heartburn can be used without a hitch. After this one has to stick to a proper schedule and avoid these foods for some time to come in addition to having smaller meals and in more frequency for a few days before the Les stabilizes.--Heartburn is one of those simple but annoying things that can dramatically impact your quality of life. That is why having a great heartburn remedy is a must if you frequently suffer from this condition. For more information about a heartburn cure that can really help you, visit today.Source:

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