Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aging healthy men need to be aware of the mid-life crisis

Among the male health issues that members of this gender are always alerted of is the prostrate cancer as the key disease of aged males.Moreover, male health issues have never been given greater emphasis as compared to those of women of the same age.Mid- life crisis is something I did not know of until I came across an informative article on this and thought I should also share with someone.How similar is middle life crisis to menopause?First and foremost, these are conditions signifying that youthfulness in males and females is slowly transforming in to an aging process.They both occur as a result of their respective reproductive hormones levels declining; that is testosterone in men and estrogen in women.Also, a lot of similarity is notable on some of the symptoms experienced by both genders such as loosing concentration, sleep problems, anger or irritability, weight gain and so on.Just like women, male menopause is an individual experience and some show up more symptoms while to some, hormonal levels go down than that of others.How different is middle life crisis from menopause?Menopause in women puts to an end their fertility meaning they can no longer conceive, while this does not affect menĂ¢€™s fertility at mid age crisisShort notes on mid-life crisis in menLevels of testosterone going down in men are a normal occurrence as they age, they differ greatly among men and some keep normal levels into old age while others who have low testosterone levels lack troublesome signs.In some written contents you may find it being referred to as andropause, male menopause, mid-life crisis or the aging male syndrome, so do not get confused for the meaning is the same.Among the common symptoms men who are around forty and above must be cautious of includes the following.Just like menopausal women, men who are at their mid-life crisis experience the problem of weight gain, sleeping and memory problems, irritability anxiety and depression, loss of energy and becoming less intimate.More specifically, they experience erection difficulty, muscle, bone and hair loss, Small or shrinking testes and poor work performance.There may be so many other signs depicting that a man is on mid-life crisis but if he should note something unusual about his reproductive health, the best thing to do is to visit his doctor for diagnosis.The tests are best down through blood tests to determine if a victim has low testosterone levels or has other diseases showing up similar symptoms. How can you improve your signs? Aging is a sure stage of life and our men cannot do anything concerning their levels of testosterone declining.This however does not mean that one cannot do anything to manage the signs they experience.The first thing to realize is that even though the doctor may offer his or her medications, men need to maintain a healthy diet and increase the work out all the times.Habitual work out and a healthy diet help sustain your vigor and lean muscle mass. It can also improve your bad temper and memory sharpness as you age.Such problems as poor erection and low libido are better of understood by your wife first and then taken to your doctor for his advice.Use this information to sharpen your knowledge about male health issues and seek clarification from your doctor for he or she understands the concept of mid-life crisis better than anyone else!--An original article by Esteri Mainamid-life crisis Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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