Friday, October 2, 2009

Alpha lipoic acid and toxins

Alpha lipoic acid, in my opinion, is an indispensable ally in our attempt to keep ourselves healthy in a world whose stresses and pollutants work to make us ill. Even though we may eat well, get a fair amount of exercise, do "all the right things," the health balance is increasingly weighted out of our favour.Our ancestors were not routinely exposed to the types of poisons that we encounter in our daily environment we have not evolved the proper body machinery to break down these toxins. Some of our ancestors lived near active volcanoes or highly radioactive regions or were exposed to substances that might have damaged their immune systems. However, most of them did not remain in those regions. Today humans are exposed to more toxic chemicals than at any other time in their evolution on this planet. The poisoning of our citizens is not as a result of progress and industrialization but originates from the lack of common consideration for other people and individuals' inability to clean up after themselves. candidly, the heads of large corporations admit that cleaning up properly will lower their profit margins and cause them to raise prices. Some feel that operating a non polluting plant does not make any difference since the average citizen really doesn't really care about environmental quality.Early in this century farmers did not try to kill all of the insects in a region but accepted the fact that the insects would be more numerous in some years then at other times. During the bad years they sprayed pesticides that were deadly to insects but not very deadly to people. During the 19-40s DDT and other related petrochemicals were developed as sprays for killing malaria-carrying mosquitoes. This new type of synthesized pesticide was responsible for destroying the mosquitoes. However, most helpful insects and other species also-were killed. These poisons consequently caused a number of biological disasters including quite possibly, deleterious changes to our immune and reproductive systems.From day to day, our immune systems take quite a hit so it makes sense to do your best to raise your immune system as much as possible.--Alpha lipoic acid is a great substance to increase our immune system and protect us. To find out more you need to visit my site.Source:

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