Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bring Full Functionality To Your Medical Facility With A PACS RIS System

It is hard to imagine how the average medical facility could survive without their pacs workstations. By making the switch to a digital medical environment through the use of pacs ris systems, you can enjoy the full functionality that comes with being able to store, view, distribute and archive your medical images and records quickly, easily, and cost effectively.A fully effective pacs ris system is offered by Candelis with their Candelis pacs, and most notably the Candelis Imagegrid. The Candelis Imagegrid offers the full range of features that every medical office and facility can use to improve workflow and offer better patient care.Candelis Imagegrid combines the software you need with a state-of-the-art server that acts as a storage warehouse. The storage capacity of the Candelis Imagegrid can range from one to tens of terabytes, and can be sized to fit your medical facility's specific needs both now and in the future.This Candelis PACS system also allows for fast access of digital medical images, and in the process simplifies the operation and management of those digital image files while all the while protecting those images with HIPPA compliant protocols in place. Because Candelis pacs works on a Dicom framework, it also allows for greater flexibility in use of a wide variety of digital image modalities, including high-volume 64-slice CT studies, to be read by the same pacs workstations. By basing the system in Dicom, the appliance can easily move, route and store your medical digital images effectively both onsite as well as offsite.The Candelis system also allows for a great deal of customization in teleradiology. You can set the rules for automatic routing of medical digital images to reading physicians located both on and offsite as a matter of course. One of the best timesaving features of the Candelis pacs software is that it can be set for automatic storage to a remote server, thus making sure you are in compliance with HIPPA standards regarding archiving of patient medical records.Pacs ris systems such as this also make anytime access to medical digital images possible. This means that offsite consulting physicians, even those of different continents, can have access to the same patient records as you do, in a secure environment as outlined by HIPPA protocols. All of this flexibility in use comes with no additional personnel costs, making the pacs ris systems very efficient, and bringing a smoother and increased workflow to your medical facility, regardless of its size. --Wayne Hemrick writes about the advent of future technology. In this article he writes about the pacs ris system. Source:

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