Monday, October 19, 2009

Causes of Obesity

Each year millions of dollars are spent to study and fight obesity. Still with all the money spent over 300,000 people die from this wholly preventable malady each year. Obesity is a huge problem within the US and now we are exporting our problem beyond our borders and obesity is a growing problem worldwide. Obesity is caused by allowing your body to build up more calories than you are burning in the metabolic process. This fat will begin to build in mostly in your belly, thighs and butt.Larger Serving SizesThe "Super Size" mentality doesn't just belong to the fast food industry. Seems like many restaurants offer huge serving sizes for everything from a chef salad, to spaghetti and meatballs, to a steak dinner. Most people have been raised to finish everything on their plate and when someone sits a giant plate of food down in front of you, you're more likely to try and finish it without even thinking much about it.The obesity sufferer and other over weight people need to adopt a diet that consists of plenty of fresh fruit (two portions daily) and vegetables (five portions daily). A moderate amount of lean meat, poultry or fish. Nuts, pulses, grains and whole meal products should also be part of the diet. Alcohol drinks in moderation are acceptable, but sugary soft drinks should be kept to a minimum.Liposuction does not treat the causes of obesity, but only the symptoms. If you really want to be successful, then you need to change your whole lifestyle. The right nutrition, cardio training, strength training and even mental training are essential. Most people admit they don't train with full intensity or don't train at all, but still consider liposuction.The nutrition or training program you follow is not necessarily the most important thing.The most important thing is what makes you follow the program. People have so different lifestyles and personal struggles and what works for some donĂ‚´t work for others.Obesity has an adverse effect to the individuality and lifestyle of an obese person. An obese person may constantly experience lethargy, shortness of breath, back and knee joint pains, and more. Hence, reducing one's productivity at work brought about by these illnesses.Both men and women struggle with the process of weight loss. Sometimes it seems the more they try, the bigger they get. Weight loss pills, powders and programs are developed and sold to thousands of people everyday who are willing to try anything to lose weight. Eighty percent of North Americans are either over weight or obese.Without continued exercise, you won't be able to lose the weight you want, and you'll never keep off anything you do manage to lose. According to Cannon, you needn't bother with the majority of diets currently available. They focus only on the food you're eating. Proper nutrition weight loss is a two-part strategy, with exercise playing just as important a role as food consumption.Remember people care about their appearance to look good and feel good about their life. So it is much better to raise a banner saying you had had enough of these high calorie foods. You should have to lay it straightforward on to your mind that you have to bring it on. Lose Quick weight like never before just by confronting the odds that you can be possibly be slim with in a matter of time.--Read About Diagnosis of Obesity Also Read About Causes of ObesitySource:

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