Friday, October 23, 2009

Common STD diseases and Cure

We all know the importance of becoming aware of extensive ranges of sexually transmitted diseases. I have prepared a guideline of such diseases that will help everyone in getting the right cure and prevention.Sexually transmitted diseases or STD is infectious disease; it can transmit very fast and affect your partner in no time. STD can be transmitted by vaginal intercourse, oral sex or anal sex. Therefore, it becomes more imperative to know the sexual health condition of yourself and your partner before making love.Apart from sexual activities, STD can also get transmitted by a few other ways like used syringes, childbirth or breastfeeding. Syringes already used for some STD patient can carry the infection to others. Mother suffering from STD can transmit the infection to her child during childbirth or during breastfeeding. This gives us more reasons why we should know everything about our sexual health condition and also partners to make sure good family health.Types of STDsLet us begin this training program with a few very common and dangerous STD. You can find the complete details below. It is always imperative to get complete diagnosis on any kind of STD symptoms. Syphilis: Caused by a very dangerous bacteria clled treponema pallidum. Syphilis is a deadly sexual disease and is normally transmitted during sexual contact. A syphilis patient having syphilis sores, rash or blood transfusion can transmit the disease on direct skin contact. One of the worst thing about this STD is that it is very hard to recognize the symptoms which are almost same in both men and women. Lack of timely treatment can cause huge damages or even death.Warts: Caused by human papilloma virus. Warts are very common STD and are transmitted normally from sexual contact. The development of genital warts is not common in all patients suffering from this STD. Normally; genital warts don't cause any long term physical problems to the carrier. But timely treatment and proper care is always advised. CureIf you have any doubts that you may have some sort of sexual disease, it is always advisable to get yourself tested. This action of yours can not only save you but also save your partner and other family members from suffering too. There are many diagnostic centers that offer this service. Select the best and the nearest one, and do it as soon as possible. Moreover, you can consult your doctor too. There is nothing to panic about your sexual health condition, most of the STDs are very much curable. Your doctor will advise you the best procedure.Protect yourself and your near and dear ones. Though the only way for hundred percentage prevention from STDs is to completely stay away from all sexual activities. But this is not possible in most cases. Sexually active person should carry condoms and use them in all sorts of sexual activities. Condoms can protect you from huge disasters.--John Bates,pregnancy blood test and std tests,explains you all about STD. Keep looking for upcoming articles.Source:

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