Monday, October 12, 2009

Dr. Horowitz – A Certified Philanthropist

“Strong demand for advertisers and unpaid helpers for world health inspired me to join volunteer health activities”, Dr. Jed Horowitz, a writer, publisher, healing arts guide and a dedicated colleague for global healthiness said. He is considered as one of the most dedicated volunteers in Plasticos Foundation who is always giving his best to achieve his goal which is to promote world health through volunteerism. Dr. Jed Horowitz’s skills and compassion for his patients have been recognized in several publications such as "Guide to Top Doctors" and "Who's Who in the West". Aside from this, he has also published many review articles and has been invited to conduct lectures about plastic surgery. He became involved in the strategic development of Plasticos Foundation and trained physicians and other health related officers that will provide free medical care and services to poor children and adult patients in different parts of the world. People like Dr. Horowitz usually find themselves busy helping people it is because they believe in this saying, “We have our own perceptions of what happiness is, but the volunteers do have the nicest view.” Some of Dr. Jed Horowitz and the team’s activities include conducting medical missions in impoverished countries which have people with physical defects since it is part of the organization’s mission statement which is to provide reconstructive plastic surgical training and care to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay, and to advance the field of Plastic Surgery through education and research. Through the volunteers’ like Dr. Jed Horowitz dedications to serve and help the poor, many lives have changed. Many “deformed lives” have been reshaped and these people are not anymore afraid to express themselves in the society. The volunteers’ passion, their philanthropy and their benevolence inspire them and give them the strength to continue serving. Dr. Horowitz and the other volunteers are considered to be good Samaritans of this generation for they help the less fortunate people to their highest capacity. They continue bringing new hopes to the people who before believed that they were useless and cursed. Plasticos Foundation together with its volunteers will continue their philanthropy and will never stop until they achieved helping all the poor people in the world. For them, the best payment for their service that they want to receive is not the money, but the happy smiles of every people that they had helped.--One of the devotees of reconstructive surgeon whose goal is to provide children reshape their deformities. Source:

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