Friday, October 2, 2009

Dr Stephanie Bown - Blog continued

Dr Stephanie Bown - Blog 2Dr Stephanie Bown recently chaired the SpR Conferences in Birmingham and London. After delivering the welcome address, Dr Bown introduced the line up for the conference, which included many speakers from The Medical Protection Society alongside guest speakers from various hospitals and medical associations.MPS's medical director, Dr Priya Singh began the conference by delivering a speech on accountability and professionalism to delegates attending the London conference, before Martin Elliott, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, discussed techniques for effective teamwork.Dr Stephanie Bown then led the first Q&A session of the day, encouraging delegates to pose their questions to the panel.The mid-morning session featured a discussion on "Navigating your way to becoming a successful consultant: Securing your appointment, job plans and employment contracts" from Joe Chattin, HCSA Manager for the Hospital Consultants & Specialists Association, as well as a presentation on the pitfalls of practice and case scenarios from Dr Liliane Field, Medicolegal Adviser for MPS.After a break for lunch, the conference continued with a discussion on dealing with complaints and the importance of open communication, which was delivered by MPS's Head of Medical Services (Leeds), Dr Nick Clements.The afternoon session also featured presentations by Andrew Jackson, Consultant Histopathologist and Director of Medical Education at Dewsbury Hospital on interview skills for health professionals, and one from Martin Murray, an accountant from Sandison Easson & Co, who discussed the principles of establishing yourself in private practice.The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, delegates who attended the event was useful and interesting. One delegate said that the conference was a "very well organised, interesting event. No talk was irrelevant and all good speakers." Another said the conference was successful in "giving practical ideas to new consultants on various important issues."These conferences will be repeated in October- keep an eye on our website for details.--For further readings on Dr Priya Singh look at her blog online by clicking hereSource:

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