Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Female Hair Loss -- The Problem

Our culture is frequently silent on the topic of female hair loss as there are such a lot of jokes and commercials about hair loss among man. Also, female hair loss is not a socially acceptable condition as like that of men. One out of five females has thinning hair, but not one of them knows the topic of female balding. The most typical reason for hair loss in ladies is androgenetic alopecia. If your dad or mum is afflicted by hair loss, there is a likelihood that you are going to have to cope with balding too. Aside from this, other predisposing factors causing female hair loss are severe stress, sickness that includes special diet and medication (chemotherapy). It is also known that medicine for diabetics may possibly cause female alopecia. It should be noted that if you find out that you are likely to lose your hair, do not panic. You are not losing your friends or your job. You do not have to feel alone; do not lose hope as there are 30,000,000 other women afflicted by female alopecia thru out the world. Do not lose your confidence and also remember that you are not less gorgeous than before. There are so many nice people worldwide who will support you and you can also find a person that may look past your thinning hair. There are many options available on the market to cope with female hair loss. This product, Rogaine, is an example of the most well liked medicines for male balding. It costs not more than $50 a month. This product has been widely employed by girls for female hair loss and has been found to slow down and, in a few cases, even revert hair loss. Some doctors wish to prescribe treatments of estrogen for female balding. There is no proven research that supports that the lack of estrogen causes female balding. Female alopecia pattern is wholly different from that of men. Rather than experiencing total balding, the female hair loss condition sometimes has little hairless patches and hair in these areas is getting thinner and thinner. Some suffer from hair loss after parturition. In such a case, the condition will get resolved after they have stopped nursing their baby.--Are you experiencing difficulty finding out information on female hair loss, because it is not a socially acceptable condition? Do you think that you are alone? You are not alone! The causes and treatments of female hair loss can be found here! For a limited time only, lucky visitors to the website will get a free report worth $27! Get your “Stop Your Hair Loss Now” report at http://www.HowToCureHairLoss.com!Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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