Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finding the Right Hair Loss Prevention Product

Medical research indicates that alopecia is probably an autoimmune disorder, that is, an allergic reaction to some part of your own body. Another autoimmune disorder that you may be familiar with is lupus. The immune system of a person with alopecia mistakenly identifies the hair as a foreign substance. The immune system responds by sending killer T cells (lymphocytes) to the site. These cluster around the hair follicle and attack and destroy it. For an indefinite period of time, the hair follicle is prevented from producing normal hair growth.Medical treatment is varied. At best, it takes a long time to get results, and often the results are not what were hoped for. The hair, for example, may regrow, but it may be very fine-textured and light in color. Frustration may come if the alopecia reoccurs and the treatment that worked one time does not work again. So the victim may end up going from doctor to doctor, trying different treatments. Alopecia may then become a financial as well as an emotional burden.The medical community used to point to stress as the culprit. Remove the stress, they said, and the hair will return. So a victim perhaps wrongly believed that he had caused his own hair loss or, as some doctors suggested, that a marriage mate might have created the stress. Now, though, it is understood that stress is not the cause. The alopecia sufferer has no reason to feel guilty or to blame himself for his condition.Of course, it should be identified that above all studies pertain to the fact that alopecia or hair loss could be well prevented. With the well developed kinds of hair loss prevention product released in the market today, avoiding the occurrence of alopecia in one could already be handled successfully.Considering the situations that cause alopecia to occur, it could be observed that the importance of finding the right hair loss prevention product for your need that directly identifies with your hair's structure and issues would be of best decision to consider. How should you recognize the right hair loss prevention product for your need? Hair loss prevention products actually come in different features that are based on the structure make up of one's hair. It could be observed that through choosing the right one, prevention could be most expected to be successful. Hair loss prevention product choices also include hair loss prevention shampoo that is most effective for your hair needs and characteristics of your hair.--Visit for more useful information on Hair Loss,Hair Loss Women and Hair Loss Products.Source:

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