Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fractioned Laser Technology for skin rejuvenation

One of the most recent new technologies developed in cutaneous laser therapy has been the use of fractionated beams of light for photoregeneration.The Fraxel from Reliant is a 1550nm fiber laser. This was the original clinical device in this field first introduced in 2003.The laser delivers microscopic columns of laser light closely and uniformly aligned. Tiny columns of injury are termed microscopic treatment zones (MTZ). The operator can adjust the energy of the laser and the density of the MTZ.Intelligent Optical TrackingTM technology is used for consistent MTZ pattern. The laser needed a tracking device (a proprietary blue dye applied to the skin before treatment) and topical anaesthesia was necessary. A new upgrade is now available with a lighter handpiece and higher power. This device can be used in the treatment of rhytides, acne scarring, photorejuvenation and melasma.Alternative fractional technologies are now available:Palomar have marketed theLux1540 Fractional Handpiece with an Er:glass laser.Each pulse delivers an array of focused รข€˜microbeams'. Skin is cooled through the handpiece tip. This can also used with an infrared handpiece for tissue tightening.Cynosure offers the Affirm 1440nm Nd: YAG laser with CAPTM technology.A Combined Apex Pulse (CAP) delivers discrete areas of high and low level light intensity. SmartCool cold air-cooling is used with the laser. There is minimal discomfort, and no tracking device is needed.The Pixel is a 2940nm Erb:YAG laser with fractional ablative technology from Alma. 49 or 81 pixels are available in a spot 11x11mm. Minimal discomfort ensues with no need for a tracking device. Most recently fractionated CO2 lasers have shown great promise.Experience to date suggests that fractionated devices are an exciting new development which may offer some of the advantages of ablative laser techniques with minimized adverse effects because of the unique way of delivering the light.--Dr Sean Lanigan -Consultant Dermatologist - sk:n was established in 1990 and is the UK's leading provider of skincare conditions treatments including: laser hair removal & laser tattoo removal . contact:Dr Sean Lanigan - Consultant Dermatologist Direct Marketing Manager Email:

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