Sunday, October 11, 2009

Health questions vs. Medical questions

We all get confused between medical questions and general health questions. Both are different in their own way. Here we discuss the main differences as well as what questions people ask in both categories.Specialized expertsIf you are concerned about a specific medical issue, you can post your question to a site that is especially dedicated for this purpose. Usually, such sites are termed as medical sites and have their own panel of doctors and experts from the medical profession. Thus, if you wish to have a consultation of sorts with a qualified medical practitioner then such sites are useful to present your medical questions. Pros and cons of a medical siteAsking specific questions on a medical site can have its own advantages such as advice from an expert and knowledge of the subject. You can also be assured that the advice you get is customized to your unique condition as opposed to a run-of-the-mill answer. However, the drawback of such a site is that response times can be very long. This is because most doctors work very long and hence can take time to respond to your specific query. This is why it is important to post your medical questions to a site having a quick turnaround time in responding.General health sitesThese are general health sites, in which people can post their health questions directly. Often, such sites contain forums where people discuss common health problems and possible solutions to these. Many of these websites will also quote information and resources from various textbooks and journals. However, most of the time such sites do not contain a panel of expert doctors. Pros and cons of a general health sitePosting your queries about a specific problem on a health site can have its advantages. The first is that response times are much faster. In addition, you will find other people discussing similar problems like yours, which can help you explore other treatment alternatives by yourself. However, the major drawback of such an approach is that it lacks the advice of a scientific community or an expert in the medical segment. Hence, the information you receive may not be the most genuine. Common questions asked in a medical siteMedical sites provide ample scope to correspond on a one on one basis with an expert or a doctor in the medical fraternity. The range of questions can be vast. However, here we explore some instances where a customized advice really helps. A mother writes in to her doctor saying her son coughs only at night but does not have any fever, chest pain or a runny nose. Thus, in scenarios where there is no probable explanation, such dedicated advice from a medical expert can be invaluable.--For the most comprehensive listing of medical questions and dedicated, customized advice on healthcare, come visit us at Ask the Medical Specialist. Our panel of experts will handle both medical questions as well as health questions for you. Our quick response times assure that you will not have to wait long for an answer!Source:

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