Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Remedies For Toothache

Just about the only thing that is worse than having a toothache is having to go to the dentist so that he can fix it! While you might try to ignore a toothache and hope it goes away you really need to have it checked out as most toothaches are due to tooth or jaw problems like dental cavity, cracked tooth, exposed tooth root, gum disease, jaw point diseases or spasm of the muscles used for chewing.Cloves: Cloves is another natural, safe and easy remedy for toothache. Cloves are known to help ease throbbing pain. Use of cloves in toothache decreases the infection due to its antibacterial components. You can apply it to a decayed tooth cavity. It can also help in reducing pain. The clove oil contains antiseptic properties. Clove oil mixed with ground black pepper and a little salt is extremely effective against a toothache.Garlic is the essential ingredient in one home remedy for toothache for temporary relief. One clove of garlic, combined with a pinch of rock salt, is to be applied to the afflicted tooth. As a result, pain is eventually relieved. As a "tip" towards a home remedy for toothache preventative, a single clove of garlic should be chewed each day, preferable in the morning, as it can aid in strengthening teeth, and maintaining overall dental health.Gingivitis (sore gums):inflammation of the gums, when the gums become purple-red, soft, shiny and sensitive and bleed easily especially when you clean your teeth. If gingivitis is left untreated, then pockets of infected pus can develop at the base of teeth, followed eventually by gum boils and loose teeth. Home remedies for toothache may give a tremendous help, keeping gums healthy or healing gingivitis.Sweet foods must be strictly avoided. These will increase kapha in the mouth, which will help the breeding of microorganisms. This causes cavities in the mouth, leading to toothache.Do not consume chocolates and sugary foods at night. Their particles will remain in the interspaces of the teeth even if you think you have brushed properly.Steam treatment should be taken in case of swollen or bleeding gums if nothing else helps. Keep a vessel filled with water on heat and cover it with a lid with a small opening. When the steam starts escaping, expose your gums to its action. Intersperse the steam with rinsing your mouth with cold water. Apply fresh lime juice mixed with coconut or mustard oil after steaming it at night and the glow will be far better than the one given by the any much-advertisement cream or face lotion.One of the best known Home Remedies for Toothache relief is the good old clove. Clove reduces the pain as it has antiseptic properties and clove oil, applied on the painful tooth, can ease toothache pain fairly quickly. If you don’t have clove oil grind a clove and apply the powder on the affected area. The tooth cannot be cured, but the clove will give you relief from pain.A mixture of a pinch of pepper powder and a quarter teaspoon of common salt is an excellent dentrifice. Its daily use prevents dental cavities, foul breath, bleeding from the gums, painful gums, and toothaches. It cures the increased sensitiveness of the teeth. A pinch of pepper powder mixed with clove oil can be put on the cavities to alleviate the toothache.Good and proper diet plays a prominent role in dental health. The vital thing in dental health is not only what a person eats but equally when he eats. With a proper diet, it is easier to keep the teeth and jaw bones harder and healthier.Proper and regular cleaning of the teeth is an important point to consider. Circular motion with the brush enables better cleaning of the dental surfaces and gentle massage of the gums improves the blood circulation that keeps away bad breath.Almost certainly, the king of all short term toothache remedies has to be clove oil, the effects of its pain relieving properties can be felt almost immediatly. It works almost like magic, simply putting a few drops on a cotton bud and placing in on the affected tooth with deaden the pain within seconds. Be careful to avoid allowing the bud to touch any other part of your mouth, as the clove oil is so potent it can cause mild skin irritation. some other remedies are placing ice on the area of pain, although that in itself would cause a lot of discomfort initially. Garlic has been used as well but for sheer effectivness, you just cant beat clove oil.--Read about Natural Remedies Also Read about Home Remedies for Sore Throat and Home Remedies for Head LiceSource:

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