Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Can Locum Tenens Work For You?

Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that means temporary worker. Working as a locum tenens physician comes with many benefits, as does hiring a temporary physician for your medical facility's physician recruiting. For the new doctor who wants to make sure his or her initial workplace will be a good fit to the hospital or medical office that wants to save time and money on physician staffing, locum tenens positions can provide the answer that works for everyone involved.Physician JobsAn easy way to begin a job search is to look online for medical staffing services. These companies have listings of all the physician jobs currently available, and you can explore them at your leisure. You can also read about the company's mission and what they offer the physician in terms of support. You can sign up online, and submit your contact information, CV and what type of job interests you. The physician staffing service will perform a background check and then will search for physician jobs that will meet your needs.There are several advantages that come with working at temporary physician jobs at a medical facility. For new doctors, it gives you an in-depth opportunity to check out the facility and see if you truly enjoy working there. For seasoned practitioners, it allows you the opportunity to travel while still earning an income. You are under no obligation to stay past the end of your contract, although a medical facility may extend an offer of employment if they so choose. If you decline their offer, it is accepted with no repercussions to you.Physician RecruitingEveryday that a medical facility has unmet staffing needs, that facility is losing money. It makes sound financial sense to fill your temporary physician jobs rapidly with quality personnel. Physician staffing is much more easily accomplished when a physician recruiting agency is employed. They do all the background checks and screenings, and will offer you several great candidate matches for what you need. Better agencies will also handle all of the important details that you would normally do, such as helping the candidate with in-state licensing, travel and accommodation, and will even handle payroll tasks for the length of the contract, thus saving you more time and money. Once a locum tenens physician is in place, you have the unique opportunity to see how this person gets along with other team members and how they perform in the actual setting of your medical facility. You may offer the physician a full-time job at the end of the contract or not at your discretion, with no repercussions to you.For temporary physician recruiting and job seeking, a staffing agency takes the hassle out of it for both medical facilities and providers.--Wayne Hemrick writes about physician staffing.Source:

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