Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How Exercise Can Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

The more physically active you are during the day, the better your body will rest at night. With regular exercise you will notice that the quality of your sleep will improve dramatically, and that the phases between your sleep cycles will move more smoothly. Keeping physically active will also benefit you because it will eliminate stress and worry in your life!The reason for this is that exercise has a positive effect on your whole body and also your general well-being. It is important to stimulate your body so that it will not be restless at night. There are actual studies that prove that there is a direct correlation between how much we exercise and how we feel both physically and emotionally. Our bodies require a certain amount of healthy activity in order to function optimally. It is important to note that you should not be exercising three to four hours before bed. The ideal time for you to exercise is in the late afternoon or early evening because you will need to expend all your physical energy long before it is time for your body to rest and to fall asleep. The best energy levels for exercise are during the late afternoon hours.It is good to try exercise at least three to four times a week for a continuous period of 20 to 30 minutes. Forms of exercise can range from something as simple as walking or swimming to running, which can be strenuous. You could even gradually progress from walking to power walking, to jogging and then full-out running. Many people prefer to work out in a gym, as there is a lot of equipment to choose from and a variety of different methods to suit all tastes. It is important to remember that aerobic exercises work best in combating sleep problems.Some good aerobic activities are: running, biking, using a treadmill, jumping rope and dancing. There are also other forms of physical activity which can be beneficial in aiding your exhaustion: Yoga stimulates your nervous system, and the breathing techniques increase blood circulation to the brain which will promote regular and restful sleeping patterns. Regular Yoga will also relax you, and help ease tension. Less stress means you sleep better! Besides Yoga there is also Tai Chi, which is a form of breathing and movement that may help people with insomnia by promoting relaxation. Tai Chi is precise and is slow, so it is not as physically straining as other exercises yet it will also have a positive effect on your body. Your main goal is to increase your heart rate and strengthen your lung capacity, as well as increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches your blood. If you find that you just do not have the time to exercise on a daily basis, try sneaking moments of physical activity into your daily schedule. This can include simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, talking a walk to the corner shop instead of driving, and various other small things you can do to get your blood flowing.--If you find that exercise is not helping and you are still always feeling tired visit for tips and information on how to stop feeling tired all the time.Source:

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