Friday, October 23, 2009

How to Make Health Promotion Video with PowerPoint

With a growing international awareness and development of health promotion in hospitals, the number of hospitals and countries joining the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals has increased steadily over time. Many actions are taken to put forward the trend. One of them is health promotion videos made to provide health knowledge. As health promotion knowledge will change constantly, it would be better if there are some easy-to-use tools for preparing the content, PowerPoint is a good choice.Considering there are many (plasma) TVs in public places, conference rooms and infusion rooms in hospital, the video burned onto a DVD disc can make it convenient for viewing.Below are two steps on how to make health promotion DVD with PowerPoint. The first step is to show the health promotion knowledge through PowerPoint, the second and the last step is to burn the PowerPoint to DVD.Before starting, let me explain why use PowerPoint to prepare for the content first:->PowerPoint is available on most computers in office. ->In hospital, there may already many PowerPoint presentations on health and nursing training, these can be directly used with little modifying. ->Compared to asking third-party companies to make videos for you, making PowerPoint video by yourself may help you save a lot.According to different beneficiary groups, that is, children, adult, elder and etc, you can use different background templates, font style, color, videos embedded. Choose an appropriate way to exhibit the content. Then burn the PowerPoint to DVD. Below are two ways for you to do this:Free way: Use Windows Movie Maker to convert PowerPoint to video and then burn the video to DVD with third-party burning tools.Step 1: Save your PowerPoint slide show as “PNG” images.Step 2: Import the pictures to your windows movie maker.Step 3: Select all the imported images and add them to Story Board.Step 4: Add video effects to the slides, and import video, audio or music to your movie (optional)Step 5: Save the slide show as movie file.Disadvantages with this method: It would be time-consuming, and animations would be lost after the converting.Efficient way: Use PPT2DVD to directly burn your PowerPoint to DVD. Step 1: Install this tool on your computer. Step2: Check the default settings and make some changes if needed.Step 3: Click Start to begin the burning process.For more ways about how to burn PowerPoint to DVD, you can with the emergence of helpful health promotion videos, you and people around you could live a healthier life.--May White is an expert in E-learning who concentrated to give you the best solution of PowerPoint to Video and PowerPoint to DVD, also include some tips and tricks which will make your life and work easier. Want to learn more about PowerPoint to Video and PowerPoint to DVD, visit the website now: (c) Copyright - May White. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.Source:

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