Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Reduce CPAP Mask Skin Irritation

Millions of people suffering from sleep apnea choose to purchase a CPAP mask to treat their condition. These Continuous Positive Airway Pressure masks are very effective when treating sleep apnea and many people are satisfied with the results of beginning CPAP therapy. The mask uses pressurized air to open the airway, allowing a person to breath easy throughout the night. There are a few negative aspects, however, concerning the CPAP masks. Although these masks are effective in treating sleep apnea, there are some rather unpleasant side affects. These include difficulty sleeping in different positions, air leakage, and pressure from headgear. Another unwanted result of using a CPAP mask is skin irritation, which may even cause pressure sores or blisters. There are many different reasons for this side affect and there are things you can do to reduce it.One reason your CPAP mask may be causing skin irritation is the tightness of your strap adjustment. If your straps are either too tight or too loose, rubbing increases, causing unattractive blemishes. Making sure that your straps are as loose as they can be without breaking the seal could be the solution to this frustrating problem.Another possible cause of skin irritation could be a worn out or dirty mask. If a mask is worn out it may become stiff, crack or break. This puts extra pressure on the delicate skin of your face. Also, if your mask is dirty, the dirt from your mask stays pressed against your skin all night, causing the obvious result of irritation. If your mask is showing signs of aging, get it replaced. Always wash your mask daily and your face nightly. These two simple steps may clear up the irritation being caused by your CPAP mask.Lastly, it is now possible to choose a material other than plastic when purchasing a CPAP mask. The hard, plastic material generally used for these masks is uncomfortable against the skin and leaves no room for your skin to breath. This can cause more sweating throughout the night and will affect your skin's health. The soft, breathable characteristics of a cpap mask made of cloth material are favorable to the sensitive skin of the face. This will reduce irritation and allow you to feel more comfortable with your CPAP mask.Although there are some negative side affects when engaging in CPAP therapy, there are several solutions available. When considering what CPAP masks do for your quality of life while experiencing sleep apnea, these small side affects are not worth ending treatment. Make sure you are aware of all the ways to make using your CPAP mask as comfortable as possible. This way you will be able to enjoy the benefits of CPAP therapy without having to deal with unwanted side affects.--The Author of the article is a health expert. He knows the importance of CPAP mask. He knows that to reduce irritation. Soft, breathable characteristics of a cpap mask made of cloth material and CPAP mask is used.Source:

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