Friday, October 30, 2009

Natural Remedies for Migraine Relief

Natural migraine relief using vitamins, minerals, and herbs is, to some, a better route. These migraineurs would rather not put chemicals into their bodies unless absolutely necessary. Just as they want no chemicals added to the soil or the air around them, they want to rely on natural migraine relief.If you choose natural migraine relief using vitamins, minerals, and herbs, you will want to consider the following possibilities.1.Vitamin B2: Also known as riboflavin, vitamin B2 is said to produce dramatic migraine relief. In a 3-month study of 55 people with migraine headaches, it was found that riboflavin can make a significant difference in the number of migraines you have and the length of each attack. 2.5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan): 5-HTP (a natural supplement) is not found in appreciable amounts in food. This supplement is manufactured from the seeds of an African plant, the scientific name of which is Griffonia simplicifolia. The supplement 5-HTP works, at least in part, by raising serotonin levels. Since the body uses 5-HTP to make serotonin, it is thought that providing the body with 5-HTP might raise serotonin levels.3.Butterbur: Migraine relief in children is often effected with this herb. As reported in a 2005 issue of "Headache" regarding migraine, butterbur gives migraine relief. Of several studies done, the largest involved 245 people. Over a period of 4 months, these migraineurs took either a placebo or a twice-daily 50-75 mg. dose of butterbur extract.There are many possible causes for migraine headaches, so it is no surprise that there are many different forms of migraine relief as well. A wise option for anyone who is combating migraine headaches is to keep track of the things they have done, eaten, and felt prior to the onset of a migraine headache.Stress, lack of sleep, diet, alcohol, nicotine, and many other factors can trigger the onset of a migraine headache. By tracking your intake and exposure to these and other factors you may be able to identify the cause of your migraine headaches. However, if this strategy is unsuccessful, then there are other natural migraine relief options to explore.Natural Remedies For Migraine Headache Relief There is no need to take drugs which may have nasty side effects. There are natural ingredients that reduce inflammation by controlling the over-response of your body's cerebral neurovascular system, thereby reducing pressure and pain. These natural ingredients can also stimulate the body's own pain-management response, releasing brain opiates to reduce pain naturally and effectively. Look at the link below for more information on a product which is natural and can provide you with relief from debilitating migraine headaches.Cryotherapy - the Ice RemedyDuring a migraine episode, the blood vessels in the head tend to dilate - open more widely. They may become swollen with blood, causing pressure on the nerves surrounding them. The nerves begin to send pain signals, and you sense a migraine.To get migraine relief with ice, you surround the head with a cold wrap, gradually cooling the blood vessels. As they cool, they become constricted, and return to normal size. This can lessen blood flow to the head, and reduce pressure on the nerves, providing a migraine remedy.--Read About Migraine Treatment Also Read About Gastritis Treatment and Obesity SupplementsSource:

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