Thursday, October 8, 2009

Prescription Drugs Are Expensive

Treating patients in America's health care system has seemingly turned into a contest of who can charge the most for which services. If you don't happen to carry health care insurance, then you will relate to that remark, particularly if you have had to pay for medical services recently. The cost of getting sick, treating a broken bone, cancer or another major illness is overwhelming.The sad news is that this upward spiraling trend doesn't show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. The bottom line is people think the cost of the actual treatment is the real problem with the health care system in the U.S. It is "in part," but the bigger chunk of the blame goes to the drug companies.You will know this to be true when you take a look at your Part D drug coverage prices. Staggering isn't it? Most of the brand name drugs you are paying for are priced so high they likely compete with your mortgage payments รข€" or at least seem like they do. There is no need for this, thanks to the advent of generic drugs.There is a myth that generic drugs aren't as effective as brand name drugs, which are manufactured by larger pharmaceutical companies -- that's just what it is, a myth. The only differences between generic drugs and the brand name expensive pills, may only be in the coating or color of the drug; other than that, they work the same way as the brand name drugs do.You may be thinking that you have seen a particular a drug on TV and know that it will be great for your condition. So, off you go to the doctor and ask for brand name X drug for such and such condition. Chances are that $35 dollar brand name pill could have easily been a $5.00 one, had you asked for a generic alternative. Always make it a point to ask your doctor and the pharmacist for generic alternatives. If you do that, it is pretty much guaranteed you will save money on your health care costs.The only reason drug companies bring out new drugs, which often are just a slightly tweaked existing drug, is to make money; and, of course, you want to save money in this challenging economy. Shop smart for your drugs -- buy generic.--Randy Gillespie is with Illinois health insurance agency, Focus Insurance Group. To learn more about Illinois Medicare, health insurance, group health insurance or to get an Illinois health insurance quotes, visit Source:

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