Sunday, October 11, 2009

Regrow Hair and keep it Thick

People who have hair loss often think of the capability to regrow their hair. What they really want is something that they can massage on their scalp and then the hairs just reform. There is no such thing at the moment but there are goods that promise to prevent additional hair loss and perhaps restore some of the lost hair, if the follicles haven't completely withered away. Here are some of the products, which say hair growth is possible.Propecia is said to be the planet's most prevalent hair loss treatment. It is made up of of a tablet which must be taken on a regular basis. In Trials 2/3 of men stated that they had had some amount of hair regrowth while 5/6 said that they had maintained the thickness of hair that they had. Propecia is an anti DHT formula and works by preventing DHT being made in the scalp. Due to the fact that it involves the androgen system this hair loss product is not appropriate for women to use. It doesn't work on all men and if there have been no positive results after a year of treatment then it is not sure that it will work on that particular person. Revivogen is a product made up from totally natural materials. It is put directly on to the follicles. It operates in the identical way as Propecia by blocking the production of DHT in the hair follicles. Women can use this treatment because it only reacts in a local area in the scalp. Other substances in the formulation are claimed to block the receptors of androgenic hormones in the scalp and also cause the growth of hair. In consumer trials of the product over70% of people stated that they either maintained the identical thickness of hair or had a degree of hair regrowth. Laser hair restoration is a procedure using low level lasers to stimulate hair follicles in the scalp. This cold beam laser beam will not burn or harm the skin at all. The laser beam actually helps to increase blood flow in the skin and helps hair follicles to produce new hair. This treatment is suitable for all men and women. You can travel to a hair clinic for treatment but this must be on a regular basis and could prove quite expensive over time. An alternative to this is to purchase a laser comb. This is a fully transportable device using up to date technology to miniaturize the same device used in the larger clinic laser hoods. Although there is a cost up front for the device it will pay for itself with enough future use. In clinical tests over ninety percent of clients found that they had some thickening of the hair after using the procedure for 6 months. Even better results were seen if the laser comb was used in conjunction with one of the other treatments such as Propecia or Revivogen. Some hair clinics doadvise that people should use the laser comb between visits to the clinic for the main treatment. Minoxidil is the scientific name for the working ingredient used as the basis for a number of different treatments such as Rogaine and Regaine. at first it was a drug used to prevent high blood pressure, but a number of patients also said that it reversed or slowed down their hair loss. Since then many trials have taken place and Minoxidil is accepted as being useful in the treatment of hair loss, where it can stop hair loss or even promote hair regrowth. It is applied directly on to the scalp in an alcohol based liquid. The treatment is suitable for men and women although different strengths of the drug have to be used. 50% of men using the formulation had increases in hair growth over a years usage period. Results are better in younger men. It is not certain how the drug acts exactly but one of its main actions is to make larger the circulation of blood in the scalp to the hair follicles. All of the treatments detailed above have shown that they can regrow hair. But, none of them gives the magic cure-all that people really want. They are not one off treatments as they have to be applied on a regular basis. Once the treatment is ceased then all gains given will be gradually lost over time. --There are a number of treatments that claim to regrow hair. Only with all of the facts at hand can people be expected to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages without having to just accept sales hype. Further information on the alternatives for people looking into hair replacement and hair treatment can be found on T J Vincent's web site Regrow HairSource:

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