Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Research Will Resume With Stem Cell Studies.

In one of the issues that has many in the American research community rejoicing President Barack Obama has followed through, and is in the process of lifting the research and stem cell ban on embryos that has been in effect for eight years.President Obama gave a closed door luncheon recently to certain handpicked House Democrats to assure them they are getting their ban overturned on stem cells.“This is a issue that has been an embarrassment for the scientific community in America,” said Dr. Darwin Prockop. Dr. Prockop is the Health Center College of Medicine Institute Director for Texas A & M University .“It signals that the American Scientific community is going to again believe in science itself,” said Dr. Prockop.Because of the economy and the current downturn there may be limits that begin to trickle into the scientific community that could limit, or even cause direct restrictions on Stem Cell Research. But up to now for the past eight years there has been no way to pursue Stem Cell Research in areas using embryos because of the research stem cell ban.Because of the reality of funding and health issues the money that will be funneled into Stem Cell Research will potentially drain some of the money that may be used in other Scientific research, so nearly everyone in the Scientific Community supports increased funding for science in the United States.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration took action in January and approved the first medical treatment study research project involving stem cells and humans.A California biotechnical company called Geron Corporation has received the positive permission necessary by the FDA to pursue embryonic stem cell implants in between 8 and 10 different paraplegic patients that cant use their legs, but still have use of their Arms. The issue that President Bush deal with using an executive embryonic stem cell ban was done because the cells are harvested from human beings, they are fetus cells or embryos. This has been an issue with many people because they feel it is not just harmless stem cells but a form of sacrificing human life.Stem cells are the basic human building blocks for the body, they can be stimulated under the right conditions to grow into any kind of cells. They are valuable to use in many different types of cell experiments and health experimentation.--Curt Sterling is a health expert specializing in pharmaceutical research, men's health and other health topics, such as online pharmacy and buy viagra online information.Source:

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