Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scientifically Developed -- NASA Memory Foam

When I finally decided to get a new mattress, I was faced with an almost frightening barrage of choices. Did I want a regular spring mattress? A water-bed, an adjustable bed, one of those fancy adjustable firmness mattresses? The woman helping me in the furniture store must have been sick to death of my questions about which was the perfect mattress. After several hundred questions and laying on hundreds of mattresses, I finally decided that the perfect mattress for me was a memory foam bed. Memory foam is a material that was developed by NASA as a cushion to provide relief for astronauts undergoing G-forces entering or leaving the atmosphere. These foam mattresses feel and respond to your bodyÂ's heat and pressure, and they mould around you. This provides you with relief from pressure points and painful springs digging into you. It can even help improve circulation! ItÂ's so cushiony, and yet it supports me right where I need it. I slept perfectly the first night I got it, and IÂ've slept perfectly every night since. Even my husband, who thought that all mattresses were the same and didnÂ''t understand why I cared so much about purchasing a new one, has been raving about how wonderful our new memory foam mattress is. Memory foam was designed by NASA, however, NASA decided at some point to sell off the patents. Since then, many companies have been working on perfecting and improving the formula to make the perfect memory foam. Foam is actually made from plastic; however, several different chemicals go into the manufacturing. Cheap foam mattresses, such as those produced in China, may have been manufactured with dangerous chemicals, though, so it is very important to make sure that you purchase a good, high-quality memory foam mattress, so you know that itÂ's safe. Memory foam mattresses may run slightly more expensive than a typical spring mattress. My queen mattress was about $1,500, although there are some that can cost as little as $500. YouÂ're likely to pay more if you get a name-brand mattress, as I did. Even if you choose not to go with a name brand foam mattress, make certain that you purchase one that is manufactured safely.--Dave Saltonstall first bought his memory foam mattress way back in 1999 -- since then memory foam mattresses have reduced in price and increased in quality -- see for more information.Source:

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