Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sleep revitalizes our body

Sleep revitalizes our body and keeps us fresh and healthy. Beds and mattresses are essential furniture required for a person to sleep and relax. People normally use pillows, blankets, bed sheets, quilts and mattresses along with the bed for relaxation. In ancient times, straw or grass, rawhides and feather beds were common. Every country has unique size, shape, material and type of beds. Infants, elderly and sick people have special kinds of beds to suit them. Beds are normally manufactured with rope, metal (iron, steel) and wood. There are numerous options available in the market for beds. Adjustable or hospital beds are flexible and foldable to suit hospitals and sick people. Air and water-filled beds are adored by children. Limitations in space have popularized bunk, hideaway and Murphy beds. Infants need softer and comfortable beds. Synthetic materials or cotton are widely used in mattresses. Often man-made fibers cause allergy. Choosing extraordinary and gorgeous designs of mattresses depend on size, comfort, health condition, stiffness, water-resistance, material and price. Foam mattresses are available in varieties like latex foam, memory foam, etc. which are luxurious to people who sleep after a hard day. Exhaustion, lack of sleep, tension at work and home is often difficult to bear and automatically affects your sleep. Therefore itÂ's essential to have peaceful and comfortable bedding, mattress and pillow. Many people are attacked by depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, low immunity, etc. due to wrong sleeping habits. Comfortable bedding is important to end your day in deep slumber. Reading books, late working hours, watching television, sound and other disturbances interfere with sleep. Meditation helps a person to relax. Always switch off the light at a fixed hour and dress suitably. ItÂ's prudent to avoid coffee, exercises, alcohol and smoking at night. A full stomach disturbs sleep. The quality and mattress size is important to get good rest. Comfort and durability play an important factor while deciding on the mattress of your choice. Polymers and viscous-elastic raw materials are necessary to make memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are flexible and distribute the bodyÂ's weight by molding. Thus they support the neck and spine while a person is asleep relieving them from back or neck pain, muscular pain, arthritis and spinal troubles. They are also used in adjustable beds. Buying and using comfortable beds and mattress compatible with individual needs is essential to get a good nightÂ's rest.--For more information on where to acquire your new bed or mattress -- check out the helpful site @ -- here you will find a massive inventory of beds ranging from cheap to luxurious! There is something for every pocket and style of home! Give us a call or click here for access!Source:

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