Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Take Care of Lower Back Pain

The symptoms of lower back pain vary from mild discomfort lasting for a short period to severe pain that is long term. Therefore if you are undergoing pain in your back and don't seek some kind of treatment for backache, the pain could become a recurring one which would be harder to prevent. Back pain can be caused by excessive stress on the back, fractures, or arthritis of the spine; however, the most common cause is a sprain or strain.Don't ignore the symptoms of LBPIf you want to get rid of a backache, pay attention to your backache symptoms. Doctors have many ideas about what causes lower back pain, but no single explanation applies to everyone. It is often difficult to indicate the root of lower back pain accurately. The symptoms of lower back pain vary in some ways and are similar in others. Some people feel the pain more severely when they bend over to pick things up. Others feel that the pain is alleviated when they are reclining or lying down.Prevention of lower back painThe lower back is a complex area that connects the upper body to the lower body, supports most of the body's weight, and as a result, can easily experience pain. Statistics shows LBP happens on 80% of people at some point in their life, and that more than half of all pregnant women experience some kind of lower back pain. People who stand or sit for long periods, wear high heels, or live sedentary lives are more likely to develop pain, as are those people who spend long hours driving a car. When driving a car, you can take some preventative actions, such as keep back-care equipment in your car. A proper lifting technique is important for those suffering from lower back pain caused by lifting. Proper lifting keeps your back straight when you bend with the knees, while improperly bending over to lift will cause a large increase in strain on the lower back. Lifting instruction can help as well. Should you just wait to see how it goes?Sometimes you don't need to see a doctor or receive treatment for a backache; it recovers within several weeks. However, recurrences are common and many people experience chronic lower back pain. When back pain lasts for just a few days or several weeks, it is considered acute, or short-term. But if it lasts more than three months, it is called chronic back pain. In this case, you should not wait for it to get better; it is imperative that you seek backache treatment.Natural treatment of backacheTreatments for backache vary, and you should choose the proper one according to your specific case. When the pain is mild, counseling and education can ease the patient's anxiety and make it tolerable until the episode resolves. Or you can take several days of rest which can calm the pain down. Exercising is helpful to alleviate the pain and recover motion and strength. Jogging, walking, and swimming can be particularly helpful. --Author Bio: Mitamins teambd@mitamins.netBackache - Find Authoritative Natural Treatment Information, Plus Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements for Supporting Backache Treatment, Symptoms, Causes.Natural Treatment of BackacheSource:

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