Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Types of sleep disorders and information about sleep states

Sleep Disorders fall into three different categories, lack of sleep, disturbed sleep, and sleeping too much. Insomnia, anxiety, psychosis, and mania can prevent normal sleep patterns. Night terrors, obstructive sleep apnea, exploding head syndrome, and sleepwalking are conditions that can interrupt sleep. Narcolepsy, depression, and drug withdraws are causes of sleeping too much. A doctor can diagnose a sleep disorder using your medical history and a sleep journal, over night observation, electroencephalography or a combination of techniques. Some sleep disorders have very specific tests that are used to diagnose the condition. Treatments for sleep disorders involve a combination of therapy, medication, and somatic treatments. The amount of sleep a human needs depends on age. Infants Sleep around sixteen hours a day. Teenagers sleep around nine hours a day. Adults sleep around seven to eight hours a day. As a person gets older they may find that hey require less sleep than eight hours. Sleep is very important for the brain to function proper. Sleep is the period of time in which your body makes repairs. Sleep has many stages. Stages one through four are different from the final stage of sleep called REM. REM stands for rapid eye movement. Stage one is when the body becomes relaxed. A person can be easily awakened. In stage two, brain activity begins to slow down, and the eyes stop moving. Stages three and four are considered deep sleep. During stages three and four all eye and muscle movement stops. Stage three brain waves are a mixture of delta and theta waves. In the forth stage of sleep brain activity turns completely to delta waves. REM sleep follows stage four. During REM sleep a person will dream. Heart rate and blood pressure may increase. Sleep does not progress through these stages sequentially. The body will cycle through all five stages maybe four or five times a night.--Mark Weiss is the President of ServiceGem.com which offers information, about all types of professional services world wide. It's service range from the common to the unusual, adding more categories every day.ServiceGem.com is your portal to every Service Worldwide.Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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