Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Can You Eat to Ward Off Candida

Anti Candida diet recipes to ward off infection is not easy to find because most of its ingredients are not very appetizing. Watch out for your blood sugar not to go too high or low by eating three healthy meals a day. If you can't stop yourself from munching between meals, eat foods high in fiber and minerals like fruits and vegetables and unshelled nuts. The best anti Candida diet recipes are those with the least amount of carbohydrates and heavy with red meat and fruits and vegetables. Poultry like chicken and turkey, beef, deer, and sheep meat are a good source of protein for anti-Candida diet. To help retain the nutrients and anti-oxidants from the vegetables, steam cooking it is advised. Food products without antibiotics and growth hormones are also encouraged.Excellent anti Candida diet recipes could consist of ground red meat side with green bean beans. The ingredients are: ground beef, green beans, sea salt, oil and an optional spice of your choice. Steam the green beans, while you cook the ground beef and then mix together in a mixing bowl. For added flavor, you can add a little olive oil, salt and spices to taste, and your meal is ready. Any red meat could be used in this recipe too. If you're looking for anti Candida diet recipes to side, why not try zucchini soup. The ingredients are easy: zucchini, onions, and leeks, oil of any kind, sea salt and pepper to taste. Steam the zucchini and the leeks to cook until tender. Take the mixture and put in a blender, then add salt and oil to taste. Once you got the right consistency, you are ready to plate. A golden rule when cooking anti Candida diet recipes is to stay away from carbohydrates and yeast-containing ingredients. Your carbohydrate intake should only be enough for your body's requirement.--I suffered from candida yeast infection for long months until I discovered a yeast infection treatment book that changed my life. You can change yours too! Enough of the non-working drugs and annoying symptoms!Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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