Monday, November 2, 2009

Whiplash Neck Pain

What is whiplash neck sprain?Whiplash neck sprains commonly occur after car crashes, and are caused when your head suddenly jolts backwards and forwards in a "whip-like" movement on impact. This sudden movement causes the muscles and ligaments of the neck to over stretch and become sprained. Being hit by a car from the back, side or front can all cause whiplash sprains. Around 2 out of 3 people who have been involved in car crashes develop whiplash neck sprain pain, even if the car crash may not have seemed very serious. Whiplash neck sprains can also be caused by everyday activities that jolt the neck, including tripping or falling. Symptoms can ease or disappear on their own, however, if left untreated, the pain and discomfort of whiplash can become chronic, so make sure that you consult your doctor after any whiplash neck sprain injury. Remember that if you have been injured in a car accident and have painful whiplash neck sprain, you may be able to make a compensation claim.If you have a car crash, however minor, and experience any of the following symptoms, you could have whiplash neck sprain:Neck pain and stiffness - this pain may not appear until several hours after the accident, and may become worse or appear the day after. This is the difference between a normal whiplash injury and whiplash neck sprain. Pain or stiffness in the shoulders and/or down the armsDifficulty bending or turning your neckDizziness, blurred vision, headache, pain from swallowing. If these persist or become worse, contact your doctor immediatelyDifficulty concentratingIrritabilityUsually, whiplash neck sprain symptoms start to improve after a few days, and in over half of cases the symptoms disappear in around a week to a month. However, it can take months for whiplash neck sprain symptoms to disappear completely. In around 25% of cases patients may still experience pain or stiffness after six months, and some patients may experience intermittent symptoms that come and go for a long time after the injury. Though some people recover quickly from whiplash neck sprain, those who experience longterm pain and stiffness may need to take time off work to recover. Making a compensation claim for your whiplash neck sprain injury could help. If you have an accident and think that you may have whiplash neck sprain, visit your GP who will diagnose your injury, recommend the best course of treatment for you and can judge the severity of the injury. The extent of your whiplash neck sprain could dictate how much compensation you can claim, and the doctor's reports will be used as part of your claim. Make sure that you get independent legal advice to find out if you are eligible to make a whiplash injury claim. Compensation claim companies are able to put you in touch with specialist injury lawyers who will arrange for an independent diagnosis of your injury and your expected recovery time. Once this information is collected, your compensation claim can be assessed and the amount of compensation rewarded can be determined.-- is run by a non-practising Personal Injury Solicitor with over 14 years personal injury claims experience.We deal in a range of claims, including whiplash and compensation.Source:

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